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Birel ART France w/ Craig Tanic is the 2017 French Champion in Cadet Craig, from Martinique, won against 97 drivers…
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Birel ART on the European podium in KZ - #CIKFIA #EuroChamps
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Weather conditions influenced the final results – A top 4 finish in KZ and KZ2 - #CIKFIA
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Sunday Heats: Marijn Kremers won again in KZ - #CIKFIA #EuroChamps
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Heats results – 18h30: 1-2 in KZ2 with Longhi and Dahlberg, Collet third in OK
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Heats results – 15h20: Kremers won in KZ, Longhi in KZ2 #CIKFIA #EuroChamps
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Heats results – 13h: a double top 2 finish in KZ2 #CIKFIA #EuroChamps
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Will you be near Milan on Aug. 5-6? You can’t miss the experience to race with our N35 near “The Tree of Life” -Exp…
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Birel ART with Marijn Kremers on pole position in Kristianstad -

Training with Formula Medicine

Birel ART Group factory teams, Birel ART Racing & Ricciardo Kart Racing, take parts in all major European Championships in all categories (KZ, KF, KFJ) and also in Rotax Championships.

Birel ART has developed a strong partnership with the best training centre in the World for race drivers : Formula Medicine.

Created by Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli, Formula Medicine is the only company that has been providing assistance to drivers and teams in F.1 for more than 20 years. No other organization in the world has the same experience and knowledge about health within Motorsports.

Formula Medicine is the only structure operating in Motorsport made by a team of professionals which includes Medical Doctors, Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, Athletic Trainers, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists.

Added to that, for more than 20 years, a continuous medical-scientific research in Motorsports has been carried out in order to always develop more specific and advanced training programs.


Drivers of the Birel ART factory team will benefit from the tight links between Birel ART and Formula Medicine to optimize their physical training and improve their mental skills.

There are two phases :

a/ a check-up of the drivers is done at the beginning of the season.
b/ the drivers have access to the Formula Medicine centre during the season to follow-up their training progresses.


a/ The check-up

With the check-up Formula Medicine aims to achieve two goals:

  • to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the driver’s medical, athletic and mental condition in order to develop for him a personalized training program
  • to transfer to the driver all Formula Medicine “know-how” to create in them the base for an adequate medical-athletic culture:


b/ Training assistance

Once the check-up has been done, the driver and Formula Medicine can establish a working relationship called Training Assistance, which is a real training program aiming at achieving two objectives:

  • Apply and monitor the personalized training program developed during the check-up
  • Monitor the medical, mental and athletic condition throughout the racing season


Thanks to that Birel ART aims to have the best possible preparation on the physical and mental side for its drivers.

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