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Your post-race report is ready for you! Enjoy 🧐 Constructive races in strong grip at La Conca -…
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WSK Super Master Series Round 3: the Finals
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Into the Finals: promising pre-finals both in OK with Coluccio and in Junior with Bertuca
Birel ART
Heats are over in Muro Leccese: in OK Coluccio improves to P2
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Saturday’s Heats at La Conca: Coluccio in the top 3 in OK, Camara twice 2nd in Junior
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A friendly charity race for NTT IndyCar Series drivers with our Birel ART Rental’s RS 😍
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Qualifying complete as WSK Super Master round 3 gets underway at La Conca -
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Reorganisation of the Birel ART Racing Team ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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A KZ2 podium to start the WSK Super Master


Alexander Dahlberg


Born: 23/11/1997

Country: Swedish




  • 10th place Trofeo Margutti  KZ2
  • 9th place CIK Essay  KZ2
  • 10th place CIK Adria  KZ2
  • 11th overall European Championship  KZ2



  • Nourth european champion in KF 2014



  • 3rd place Swedish Championship  KF3
  • Too many national wins during the years