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Birel ART
🏆 Riccardo Longhi wins the KZ2 final 🏆 Birel ART finishes off the weekend with two drivers on the podium as Riccar…
Birel ART
Riccardo Longhi wins the Prefinal 🥇 and will start today's Final from pole position. Giuseppe Palomba is set to sta…
Birel ART
Some impressions from Sarno. 🏎 ☀️ 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
It's the final day of RD 1 of the Euro Series and the is ready to go! 🏁 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
With an 8th-place result and 6 position recovered, the Richard Mille Young Talent Academy driver Maya Weug complete…
Birel ART
After another round of heats, Tymoteusz Kucharczyk adds a 3rd place 🥉 to its tally as Keanu Al Azhari scores anothe…
Birel ART
It's lunch break in Sarno where Riccardo Longhi, Giuseppe Palomba and Alex Irlando obtained a 3rd, a 4th, and a 5th…
Birel ART
🚥 Ready for the last day of Qualifying Heats 🏎 Track action begins at 10:45 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
Riccardo Longhi leads Giuseppe Palomba in the first KZ2 manche in which they take 2nd and 3rd. In the same race Ale…
Birel ART
Clayton Ravenscroft closes a solid Qualifying Practice for Birel ART by posting the third fastest time in his group…


Rick Dreezen


Born: 01/08/1990

Country: Belgium

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 74 kg





  • 1st CIK-FIA European KZ Championship
  • 3rd CIK-FIA World KZ Championship
  • 4th KZ2 WSK Champions Cup



  • 1st KZ2 Winter Cup South Garda
  • 2nd KZ2 WSK Euro Series



  • 1st KZ1 WSK Euro Series
  • 6th KZ1 CIK-FIA European Championship
  • 3rd KZ1 Supernationals Las Vegas



  • 3rd KZ1 WSK Euro Series
  • 2nd KZ1 WSK World Series
  • 3rd KZ1 WSK Nations Cup
  • 2nd KZ1 Supernationals Las Vegas



  • 1st KZ2 German Championship
  • 4th KZ2 WSK Series



  • 1st KZ2 German Championship
  • 2nd KZ1 CIK-FIA European Championship
  • 2nd KZ2 WSK Series
  • 1st KZ2 German Championship
  • 2nd KZ2 CIK-FIA European Championship


  • 3rd ICA CIK-FIA World Cup
  • 4th ICA CIK-FIA European Championship
  • 2nd ICA North European Championship



  • 2nd ICA Belgian Championship
  • 6th ICA French Championship
  • 4th Junior CIK-FIA European Championship
  • 4th Junior Belgian Championship
  • 1st Junior French Championship


  • 4th Junior Belgian Championship


  • 1st Cadet Belgian Championship


  • 4th Cadet Belgian Championship
  • 1st Cadet Flemish Region Championship


  • 1st Mini Belgian Championship