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In OK, Caio Collet made a good race: started 33rd, he crossed the finish line in 23rd. #CIKFIA #WorldChamps
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Luigi Coluccio ends the Junior Final in 20th place after a good recovery from the back of the grid #CIKFIA #WorldChamps
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Sunday heats results ➡ OK, Collet 9th; OKJ, Coluccio 7th, Grinbergas 15th, Dufek 19th, Montoya 27th (10" front fairing penalty) #WorldChamps
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Birel ART with Felice Tiene finished Saturday's heats with a victory ➡ #CIKFIA #WorldChamps
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Saturday Heats results -17h update ➡ #CIKFIA #WorldChamps
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Birel ART with Coluccio on top in Friday heats - #CIKFIA #WorldChamps
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Birel ART with Colocci on top in Friday heats ➡ #CIKFIA #WorldChamps
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RT @Ricciardokart: .@F1Rai spent a training day with @danielricciardo in Castelletto last August 30 ➡ @RaiSport @Bi…


Nevertheless a successful race season and the enthusiastic feedback received from all our dealers and drivers, BIREL ART has worked even harder to further improve our karts and related components aiming at increasing drivability and performances without changing the technical characteristics and baseline of the 2016 models.

The initial that characterizes the new models for 2017 will be “B”

DR01-B DD Homologation 31/CH/20

The kart DR01-B DD, was been confirmed during the 2016 season in all the world and in all the categories; it is very versatile and very performant; it has been updated for the most in the look and small improvements in the accessories but not in the structural as the good feedback of our drivers and result obtained.


Brake system: the brake system has been updated with different brake pad material and the adoption of cast iron brake disc D.180 to improve braking and wear.

Spindles: the spindle maintains the classic “2 piece” with the introduction of a new spindle stem made from a thicker higher grade material. The characteristic of this accessory will be to give more insertion increasing the grip on the front of the chassis. The new spindle is designated “H.”

Clutch lever: the new vertically adjustable clutch lever works on rollers allowing more precise shifting, while the driver can adjust the position to suit. 

Rear Axle: we have introduced the new “R” rear axle which offers a very good lateral grip,  good stability under braking and optimal traction while leaving the kart very “free”. Another novelties about the rear axle is that they will be specifically produced for:

KZ category with only 4 keys (for inner crown) and a reinforce inside where the crown is fixed. The size is 50x2x1040
KF category also with 4 keys (for external crown) in size 50x2x1020

Stickers: all the “Racing” karts will have new graphics Birel ART ‘EVO’, revised and improved for a look modern, elegant but especially captivating.

Magnesium:  magnesium hubs, fully machined: d.50x115 mm double screw besides the ones d.40x100 mm.

Also for 2017 there will be the possibility to order the karts in “FACTORY” version i.e. with hubs both front and rear in magnesium.


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