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Birel ART Uruguay achieved an excellent third place finish with Gaston Irazu in the second round of Argentina Rotax…
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Not the warmest race of the year at Lonato, but a promising #WinterCup for #RedArmy -starting with the top 5 in Jun…
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Birel ART with Francesco Pizzi closed a competitive Winter Cup in the top five -
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Sunday Heats update (cold and wet conditions): #KZ2 Alexander Dahlberg came back to 14th from 20th due to a not fa…
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A victory and several top finishes for Birel ART Racing in the first Saturday’s heats -
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RT @DarshanChokhani: Birel ART India continues to shape up careers of the young drivers in the country. The team manager looks back on the…
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RT @All_Road: .@caio_collet won the prestigious Volant Winfield and a complete French F4 Championship season after an outstanding performan…
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Friday Heats: Birel ART Racing took a dominant victory in KZ2 and a convincing top 2 finish in Junior -…


N35-GT: technical focus on our new rental go-kart

The N35-GT rental go-kart offers some special features that place it at the top of the rental kart market.

The N35-GT is fitted with a half-cover that can be flipped open, tethered to the chassis for ease of maintenance, in order to protect moving mechanical parts, engine and cabling. In addition, the cover has been designed to accommodate all types of engine.

The weight -145kg- is lighter than all the competitors in the market. This feature leads to a reduction in fuel consumption and increased tyre life. It also reduces the maintenance and running costs as well as ensuring greater reliability.

In addition, it features an adjustable and anatomical positioning of the seat and pedals.

The seat is mounted to a steel frame on runners that allow a movement range of 80mm: the adjuster handle is conveniently situated on the left side of the seat.

The pedal box can be adjustable manually or by means of a cable from a lever and it is situated on the right side of the seat, which can be operated by the driver. It has a movement range of 30 mm. A new SDBS (Slowing Down Brake System), which comes into action during braking, reduces the speed of the vehicle by operating on the throttle return cable.

The go-kart can be fitted with the new exhaust, designed by Birel ART with the aim of increasing performance and reducing both CO2 emissions and noise.

The kart has a 10-litre fuel tank.