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Your post-race report is ready for you! Enjoy 🧐 Constructive races in strong grip at La Conca -…
Birel ART
WSK Super Master Series Round 3: the Finals
Birel ART
Into the Finals: promising pre-finals both in OK with Coluccio and in Junior with Bertuca
Birel ART
Heats are over in Muro Leccese: in OK Coluccio improves to P2
Birel ART
Saturday’s Heats at La Conca: Coluccio in the top 3 in OK, Camara twice 2nd in Junior
Birel ART
A friendly charity race for NTT IndyCar Series drivers with our Birel ART Rental’s RS 😍
Birel ART
Qualifying complete as WSK Super Master round 3 gets underway at La Conca -
Birel ART
Reorganisation of the Birel ART Racing Team ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Birel ART
A KZ2 podium to start the WSK Super Master


C28-S9 Homologation CSAI02/CH/14: (extended to 2020)

The frame for the Mini categories, has undergone several structural modifies, both in geometry and in the materials to improve its performance and ease of driving. It is equipped with a removable petrol tank 4.5 lt. It have also a steering column that provide more possibility to regulation for the footrest.

  • New support rear axle bearing 
  • New support rear seat
  • New supports rear pod


This represents the model for junior categories with the best quality-price ratio. A conventional, well tested model with 28 mm rails, characterised by a rounded design of the bodywork’s frontal section, near the tank.
As well as the RACING version, the STANDARD version with aluminium accessories and mechanical brakes is also available.
The first features HQ accessories, bigger front rims and the possibility of having hydraulic brakes with 200 mm disc fitted.
The bodywork is last-generation (Fik 05).

Download files: