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Birel ART
🥈🥉 It's a final P2 with Marijn Kremers in KZ class, a P3 and the fastest lap with Riccardo Longhi in KZ2…
Birel ART
Birel ART claim a podium finish also in KZ with Marijn Kremers
Birel ART
Birel ART with Riccardo Longhi on the podium in the European Championships Finale at Lonato…
Birel ART
Longhi leads his final heat ahead of Cozzaglio, third Alexander Dahlberg
Birel ART
Birel ART keep the momentum: double victory and fastest lap with Cozzaglio and Longhi -
Birel ART
Marijn Kremers and Riccardo Longhi win Heats 2 in Lonato -
Birel ART
Birel ART with Riccardo Longhi take dominant win in the first qualifying heat
Birel ART
A solid qualifying day for Birel ART: Longhi and Kremers second fastest overall in both KZ2 and KZ -…
Birel ART
Birel ART return to Lonato for the and Finale -
Birel ART
Ultra-competitive weekend for Pacific Red Army as Natori claimed a win and scored a second place in All Japan Champ…


C28-S9 Homologation CSAI02/CH/14: (extended to 2020)

The frame for the Mini categories, has undergone several structural modifies, both in geometry and in the materials to improve its performance and ease of driving. It will be equipped with a new removable petrol tank 4.5 lt. It will have also a new steering column that provide more possibility to regulation for the footrest.


This represents the model for junior categories with the best quality-price ratio. A conventional, well tested model with 28 mm rails, characterised by a rounded design of the bodywork’s frontal section, near the tank.
As well as the RACING version, the STANDARD version with aluminium accessories and mechanical brakes is also available.
The first features HQ accessories, bigger front rims and the possibility of having hydraulic brakes with 200 mm disc fitted.
The bodywork is last-generation (Fik 05).

AR 28-Y

Compared to the 2017 version, the AR28 has been revised and will have as main characteristic the adjustment of the rear in three different positions. It will have, as series, the new ‘C’ of spindles for housing the eccentric bushing for a better adjustment of camber & caster as in the ‘Racing’ models.


Frame with mixed tubes of diameter 28mm and 30mm, the main characteristic of the AM29-Y is the possibility of the wheel base adjustment in the position 1020 – 1030 – 1040mm. This allow an important versatility of this kart to its better adaptability to different categories, especially to the ones with very low power and medium - hard tires.

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