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Lenktynių linija Lithuania on Birel ART won their national championships in Micro Rotax, Mini 60 and in Junior. The…
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Luigi Coluccio takes third position at the World Championships
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A super final from Thomas Nepveu: the Canadian driver took the flag in 16th place after making up 14 places. Well…
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Two dominant wins with Luigi Coluccio in today's heats
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Luigi Coluccio takes a dominant win in today's final heat
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A double podium finish for Red Army in the early afternoon's heats.
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Qualifying Heats - 13h35 update
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Qualifying heats got underway as rain arrived at the World Championships
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Luigi Coluccio third fastest in Qualifying at the World Championships
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We.Are.Ready, OK & Junior World Championships in Kristianstad this weekend! 🤩

Winning Young talents: Caio Collet from karts to single-seater in F4

On the legendary french circuit of Pau, Caio Collet achieved pole position, won two races and took the lead of the championship.
Last weekend (12-13 May), in the second round of the 2018 French Formula 4 season, Caio Collet (All Road Management / Richard Mille / Winfield / Stuttgart Motorsport / Matrix Energy Trading) made his debut on a city circuit and celebrated his first victories in the category. The Brazilian took pole position and won two out of three races.
After moving his first steps with some excellent results in the home-grown of the Birel ART Racing Team, Caio Collet continued his career by signing a long-term contract with Nicolas Todt's All Road Management.
Always looking for promising young talented drivers, Birel ART is proud to have accompanied the Brazilian driver to this important milestone. Among the company's goals is the ever-closer collaboration with All Road Management group in order to create the natural continuity bridge from karting to single-seater competitions.
The Brazilian driver thus commented his exciting weekend:
"It was a good weekend: certainly qualifying was decisive and I was very happy to have achieved the pole because it is difficult to overtake in this kind of track," said Collet, 16 years old. "I tried to make good starts and stay focused to avoid any mistakes and get to victory".
"In the first race, Arthur (Leclerc) was coming fast behind me, but I knew it would be difficult for him to overtake me and I kept my concentration," he recalled. "In the second race, with a wet track, I kept the level of concentration even higher because the difficulties had increased, I am happy to have won valuable points in this race and I am satisfied with the results we have achieved up to here. On the podium at Nogaro at the debut (two third places), it was very nice to win and now I want to keep improving and learning more and more” said Collet.
Race 1
1 COLLET Caio BRA 16 giri a 21min40s472
2 LECLERC Arthur MON a 1.270
3 DA WILDE Ugo BEL a 4,264
Race 2
1 ETEKI Adam FRA 13 giri al 21min41s027
2 DA GERUS Reshad FRA a 2.368
3 DA PAUW Ulysse BEL a 6.218
8 COLLET Caio BRA a 16.629
Race 3
1 COLLET Caio BRA 5 giri al 07min10s666
2 DA WILDE Ugo BEL a 0.964
3 MUTH Esteban ALE a 3,290
1 Caio Collet (Bra) 83,5 punti
2 Ugo de Wilde (Bel) 81
3 Adam Eteki (Fra) 70
4 Arthur Leclerc (lunedì) 55