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Your post-race report is ready for you! Enjoy 🧐 Constructive races in strong grip at La Conca -…
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WSK Super Master Series Round 3: the Finals
Birel ART
Into the Finals: promising pre-finals both in OK with Coluccio and in Junior with Bertuca
Birel ART
Heats are over in Muro Leccese: in OK Coluccio improves to P2
Birel ART
Saturday’s Heats at La Conca: Coluccio in the top 3 in OK, Camara twice 2nd in Junior
Birel ART
A friendly charity race for NTT IndyCar Series drivers with our Birel ART Rental’s RS 😍
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Qualifying complete as WSK Super Master round 3 gets underway at La Conca -
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Reorganisation of the Birel ART Racing Team ⬇️⬇️⬇️
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A KZ2 podium to start the WSK Super Master

A great constructor for a grand final

Used to winning the biggest international karting titles over many years, Birel ART is also a manufacturer eager to offer competitive products to drivers throughout the world, whatever their category. Having become a benchmark partner of Rotax during its "Grand Finals", organised in Brazil in 2018, Birel ART demonstrates its willingness to be present at all levels, with effective chassis in all conditions, easy to use and adjust.

The acclaimed Birel ART chassis

The prestigious Rotax Max Challenge World Final remains a unique opportunity for the Birel ART brand to show the quality of its products to drivers from more than 50 countries. The challenge of satisfying the 108 drivers in the Rotax DD2 and Mini Max categories was met masterfully by the entire team of the Italian manufacturer, widely congratulated on the evening of the race for their work from the first day onwards.

"All year long, victory is our constant goal. We must therefore build chassis capable of winning. But if Rotax trusts us for its Final, it's also because the Austrian engine manufacturer knows that Birel ART attaches great importance to providing identical chassis from one customer to another. For us, fairness is not an empty word," said Ronni Sala, president of Birel ART Group. "At the factory, we have a very high standard of manufacturing, with high technology machines, in order to guarantee competitors the best possible performance. The satisfaction of the drivers qualified for this Final is our priority."

5-star service
In addition to the knowledgeable technicians and the great team manager Davide Fore, Birel ART dispatched one of their factory drivers, Marijn Kremers. The Dutchman was always available and never failed to help the competitors who needed it.

In Brazil, two types of chassis were used. The Birel ART CRY 30 RX model in Rotax DD2 and the Birel ART C28 S9 in Mini Max. These are proven chassis around the world. "The very positive feedback we received from competitors confirms that we have worked in the right direction," Davide Fore adds. "In addition to providing perfectly controlled chassis thanks to faultless logistics, we have been able to answer all their requests regarding service, advice, specific mechanical operations and the supply of spare parts."

In the categories for which Birel ART was responsible, the Frenchman Paolo Besancenez created a show by winning after starting in 10th place. He beat both Americans Daniel Formal and Taylor Greenfield. Germany's Farin Megger is the 2018 winner of the Mini Max. Dutchman Dani Van Ruiten and Frenchman Augustin Bernier joined him on the podium.


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