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Portimao here we come! 🚥 🏎💨 🏁 📸 LRN Photo
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Some impressions from the N-35 assembly stations ⚙🛠🔧
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Congratulations to our Giuseppe Palomba on winning the Italian ACI Karting Championship in KZ2 💯 💯 💯
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*NEW DRIVER ANNOUNCEMENT* Alessio Piccini joins Birel ART Racing. Ronni Sala: “Alessio will be our new official KZ…
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A complete line-up, ranging from Mini to Rotax and CIK-FIA classes. Check out the Ricciardo Kart's range at…
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Charlotte Motor Speedway, 1998. Gianluca Beggio on his way to clinch his 4th consecutive World Championship in For…
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Your dose of Monday motivation 🤜🤛 📸 LRN Photo
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Congrats to Alessandro Buran of Renda Motorsport on winning the Rok Cup Superfinal in the Shifter Rok class and to…
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Soldering stations working at full capacity 💪
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Commercial and sporting partnership between Birel ART and Bell Racing Helmets

Birel ART is proud to announce its new commercial and sporting partnership with Bell Racing Helmets, the world’s biggest producer of top quality and high performance racing helmets for amateur and professional drivers. 
Bell Racing helmets represent the maximum expression of safety, quality, design and advanced technology: from Formula 1 to GT and Rally, Bell Racing Europe has a complete line of products designed to satisfy the most challenging performance standards. 
Bell Racing Europe will be supporting the official drivers of the Birel ART Racing and Ricciardo Kart Racing teams in every class, from the Minikart to the KZ1 shifter class, providing them with its top karting model: the KC7-CMR.
On its hand, the Birel ART group will be promoting Bell Racing helmets and accessories through its retail network across the world. 
Interview with Stephane Cohen, Chairman of Bell Racing Helmets. 
Question. For over 60 years Bell has been a world leader in motorsports, providing technical support to some of the best drivers in history, from Sir Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda to Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Today it is partner of Kimi Raikkonen, Pastor Maldonado and Romain Grosjean, just to name a few. Bell has also built its reputation through cutting-edge innovation, like the introduction in 2004 of the first helmet made entirely of carbon fiber that complies with FIA-8860 specifications. Which are the guiding values that drive the success of Bell Racing Helmets?
Stephane Cohen: “Our key values are: Innovation - we constantly push the limit of technology, making helmets safer, lighter, better; Passion – we are deeply rooted in karting and car racing and we invest heart and soul in what we do; Consistency - we have a rigorous approach and strive for maximum precision; Respect - we value our customers and we honor their reliance on us to be safe, this means listening to them and serving them in the best possible way; Determination – the constant pursuit of technical innovation is paved with obstacles, yet we always push relentlessly for improvement.”  
Q. In 2008 Bell Racing Europe became the first manufacturer to certify a karting helmet according to FIA-Snell CMR specifications. Since then you have developed extremely innovative products for the karting sector, like the KC7-CMR which is modeled after your latest Formula 1 helmet. What are the main features of the new line of karting products?
SC: “The KC7-CMR and the RS7-K are directly derived from our HP7 helmet used in F1 and GP2 and they feature the same ventilation system and aerodynamic design. Most importantly, both helmets are fitted with Bell’s unique DSAF (Double Screen Anti-Fog) state-of-the-art shield. The KC7 and RS7-K are the only karting helmets that feature such an advanced visor system, ensuring a fog-free drive in any conditions. They are also obviously very light and very safe!
Q: As the world’s number 1 helmet manufacturer, what is Bell Racing Europe expecting from this new commercial and sporting partnership with Birel ART?
SC: “When I was 10 years old, I used to go see an older friend of mine race karts and his chassis was a Birel. I used to dream of joining him on track one day. A couple of years later, I convinced my father to help me buy my first kart. I started racing when I was 13: my first 
chassis was a Birel and my first helmet was a Bell! This was back in 1978. We are companies with similar values and we are both part of the history of motorsports, yet we are still both extremely passionate about what we do and continue to strive to innovate and be more competitive than ever. Birel makes great karting chassis and Bell makes great racing helmets: it just makes sense to finally join forces and partner up. Actually, I wonder why it didn’t happen earlier!”