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A solid start to our day 👍 Giuseppe Palomba proves his 🔝 consistency, as he achieves P🥉 in the second KZ2 heat, se…

Birel ART is ready for the CIK-FIA KF & KFJ World Championships

Birel ART is ready to take part to the CIK-FIA KF & KFJ World Championships at Muro Leccese’s La Conca International Circuit this weekend, September 24-27.
In KFJ the Factory Team will be represented by Ulysse De Pauw (Belgium), Lucas Légeret (Switzerland), Timothy Peisselon (France) and David Malukas (USA); while in KF, the Team name will be English driver Jordon Lennox-Lamb
Paul Fletcher’s PF International Karting Team driver Oliver Hodgson will also be racing with a Birel ART kart and full technical assistance from the Factory Team all weekend.
Ulysse De Pauw #134: “I am very excited to get to race in the World Championship with Birel ART. I can’t wait to step on track; we have every opportunity to fight for the title and the La Conca circuit is one of my favorites.” 
Lucas Légeret #138: “It’ll be an interesting weekend. April’s WSK Super Master Series round and last week’s tests here in Muro Leccese gave us great base data and a good sense of ideal trajectories. And I’ve also trained hard to face La Conca’s   high-grip pavement, which is always very demanding physically.”
Timothy Peisselon #142: “The level of the World Championship is very high, but I hope that, after all the races and tests I did throughout the season, I’ll be able to fight with the rest of the group and at least place in the top 20. Of course, it’ll be tougher than the European Championship, because it’s a one-shot race; but I’ll give it all I’ve got, to place as high as possible.”
David Malukas #187: “The competition is going to be high in Muro Leccese and I have trained much more than other events to face the difference in driving style compared to the USA. I like the La Conca track and it’ll be interesting to face it with such a top notch kart as Birel ART. Besides feeling more ready and confident, I am also very excited and eager to face up to other drivers and see how I do.”
Jordon Lennox-Lamb #20: “I knew we would have great pace even before last week’s tests, because of the soft tires and La Conca’s signature high-grip pavement, which I love. On top of this, the tests themselves went very well and we were able to try the best IAME/KVS engine packages. We’re as close to perfection as we’ve ever been all season long.”
Gianluca Beggio, General Manager: “I am very confident we’ll manage a great final result. Our pre-event tests confirmed that we achieved important developments on both the chassis and the engine, giving excellent results in both categories. Our crew is as ready as ever and our drivers have trained hard to give their very best in this World Championship.” 
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To download the press release in English click here: Birel ART is ready for the CIK-FIA KF & KFJ World Championships 
Per scaricare il comunicato in italiano clicca qui: Birel ART è pronta per i Campionati del Mondo CIK-FIA di KF e KFJ