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Birel ART with Luigi Coluccio 1st in the Pre-final ➡️ #WSK #SuperMaster
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Birel ART with Luigi Coluccio 2nd in the Pre-final ➡️ #WSK #SuperMaster
Birel ART
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Birel ART
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Birel ART
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Birel ART
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Birel ART Pacific in the All Japan Junior Kart Championship

In the third round of the All Japan Junior Kart Championship at Mobara Twin Circuit, Birel ART and Ricciardo Kart drivers competed on top throughout the weekend. In FP Junior Cadet qualifying Rikuto Kobayashi (Super Racing Junkie!, Birel ART) set the pole position and was the only driver on track to go under 50”, Tasuku Ito (Racing Square GEN, Birel ART) was 3rd, Yuki Sano (Team KBF, Birel ART) 4th, Rito Komata (Crest, Ricciardo Kart) and Hiyu Yamakoshi(Garage C) 9th.

In the Pre-final, Kobayashi and Ito dominated: both drivers were the fastest men on track and they finished 1st and 2nd with more than 10” to the rest of the group.

Despite the physically demanding circuit, Kobayashi and Ito were both competitive also for all the 20 laps Final, crossing the finish line 1st and 2nd.

P1 Rikuto Kobayashi (Super Racing Junkie! - Birel ART)
P2 Tasuku Ito (Racing Square GEN- Birel ART)
P4 Hiyu Yamakoshi (Garage C – Ricciardo)
P4 Yuki Shimanuki (Super Racing Junkie! – Birel ART)

Birel ART and Ricciardo Kart were very competitive also in FP Jr. In
Qualy, Shuma Kiuchi (Astech UDR, Birel ART) achieved the pole position,
Sota Arao(Team KBF, Birel ART) 4th, Shu Kaneko (Team KBF, Birel ART) 6th,
Ryot Sato(Nexus Competition, Birel ART) 8th and Taichi Watarai (Crest
Ricciardo, Ricciardo) 9th.

Started on pole, Kiuchi led the group throughout the race and crossed the finish line in P1, followed by Kaneko 2nd. Arao finished 5th.

In the Final, Kiuch made a very strong start and kept the position for most of the race, but was involved in some battles and finished 3rd. Arao ended 4th.

P3 Shuma Kiuchi (Astech UDR, Birel ART)
P4 Sota Arao (Team KBF, Birel ART)
P6 Ryota Sato (Nexus Competition, Birel ART)
P7 Taichi Watarai (Crest Ricciardo)