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We cap off Round 4 of FIA Karting European Championship OK-OKJ with some good vibes 😎 Thanks to an outstanding 16-…
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Finals, we're coming for you 😼 William Macintyre finishes an action-packed first Sunday race in P6️⃣ and will take…
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Dressing up our beasts for the final day of racing here in Zuera 😍 Round 4 of FIA Karting European Championship OK…
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A positive day at the office 😉 William Macintyre demonstrates his 🔝 consistency in OKJ, as he achieves other two t…
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👉 appreciation post 🥰 Racing some intense Saturday heats here in Zuera 🚀 Stay tuned 😏 📸 LRN P…
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A solid start to our Saturday 😎 In the OKJ class, William Macintyre claims P🥉 in his first heat of the day thanks…
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Eyes on the target 👀 Motivated for our second day of racing here in Zuera 😼 Warm ups are under way and our…
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Kicking off the weekend with good speed 😉 In the OK class, Tymoteusz Kucharczyk sets the 2nd fastest lap in his gr…
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Qualifying sessions are coming up here in Zuera ⚡️ Who's ready? 🖐 📸 LRN Photo 👉
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Taking off for Round 4 of FIA Karting European Championship OK-OKJ ✈️ We still have some free practice sessions to…

Birel ART Chassis 2015

As recently officialise from the merger between Birel and ART it is born the new BIREL ART Srl. On the occasion of this, we have the pleasure to inform you about the novelties and improvements that will be introduced in the new latest generation kart homologated by Birel ART version 2015. These karts will combine the experience and the know-how of both companies with the goal of creating an innovative product and more performant.
Has been made development in the geometry, and in particular has been changed and improved the construction materials of frames and some accessories with resulting in better performance, easier driving and the constancy of the kart
Other fundamental characteristic is that the frame for the shifter categories will have specific geometries and accessories different for the direct drives ones, both developed appositely and specific in order to optimize the characteristic of the power and weight and types of tires..
RY30-S7 // Homologation 32/CH/20
Thanks to the new material utilized, the kart RY30 has undergo important structural evolution that leads to a facility to find the right set up, conjugated to a performance of excellent level. Now it’s very versatile, easily adaptable to different types of tires and conditions of tracks without working a lot on the basis set up.
CRY30-S7 // Homologation 32/CH/20
Developed specifically for the shifter category the main characteristic of CRY30-S7 is the good balance and a good grip on the back, while remaining very sliding and performant. The new  materials used give an additional advantage in the versatility both performance. The novelty of bearing support axle bearing allows to lower the frame of 8mm more compared to the KF version, increasing the efficacy of braking and traction.
RY29-S7 // Homologation 33/CH/20
Completely new, the model RY29 is a frame that will adapt to the categories with contained powered engines (KFJ, Rotax) and medium / hard tires. Developed last season, with good results during private testing and practice session in throughout the competitions,  it will be an important point of reference to be able to offer at Birel Art drivers for the 2015 season. Even this kart will be produced with new material to optimize better the characteristics and performance.
RY32-S7 // Homologation 24/CH/17
The RY32-S7 has been updated in geometry therefore it’s more suitable to the characteristics of direct drive classes making it more “Free” in order to offer a better performance especially in the categories that use medium-hard tires.
CRY32-S7 // Homologation 24/CH/17
Even this kart has been improved in the structure, in particular to optimize the braking and the traction but not least, even in the construction materials, in order to offer a better performance especially in the categories that use medium – hard tires.
Frame specifically developed for mini class to which is required a kart with a minimum wheel base of 1010mm. Already tested and used in races with excellent results, it has been conceived to have an extreme adaptability to different types of engines, tires and tracks conditions which can be found in different countries.
C28-S // Homologation CSAI02/CH/14
The frame for the Mini categories C28-S, has undergone several structural modifies, both in geometry and materials to improve its performance and ease of driving. The new “C” of the spindle  will be a characteristic of it with the eccentric bushings for adjusting the camber and caster as the greater models to improve and ease the setting.
Rear Brake system.FL01 // Homologation 75/FR/20: a new rear brake system has been developed with a monobloc rear caliper of smaller dimension (2 pistons & 2 pads) that is able to provide a very  effective braking while keeping low and constant temperatures, leaving a progressive braking, gradual and very manageable.
Spindles: The new spindle provides the possibility of having two (2) positions of steering angle to obtain at  maximum the performance and find the best setting for the different track conditions that may occur. The spindle will be obtained in a single piece using different material than the last year’s version.
Clutch lever: the new clutch lever “DIRECT” has been completed and  thanks to the tilting system the gears will be inserted  faster and with more precision
Stickers: all karts will have new graphics Birel ART designed to be very recognizable and identifiable, modernizing the two logos but keeping its own identity.
Sportswear: a new sportswear line Birel ART will be introduced and available from November. It will be redesigned with a look more innovative and original and there will also be race suit, shoes and gloves coordinate.