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Ultra competitive weekend for Oliver Hodgson on Birel ART -
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Birel ART closes the Saturday’s OK heats with a P2 and P3
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Saturday Heats – 15h45 update
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Birel ART starts their heats day with a P3 with Coluccio in OK -
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Qualifying sessions are over at PFI 🏁 ⬇⬇⬇
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Birel ART and Rotax: a fruitful collaboration at Portimao

As the official partner of BRP Rotax for the supply of chassis for the Mini and DD2 categories, Birel ART contributed significantly to the success of the 2017 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. This sixth collaboration has strengthened Birel ART's reputation on the international scene. highlighting the quality of manufacturing, the level of performance and the importance of the services from the Lissone brand.

The 18th edition of the Rotax World Finals was a great success from November 4th to 11th at the Kartodromo do Algarve near Portimao (PRT). Under a uniformly blue sky, the races were extremely tight between the top specialists in the discipline, from 59 countries. Rotax's use of a new cylinder made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process won over competitors by offering a high degree of consistency in the engines. The festive atmosphere of the event has always given it a special place in the international calendar and in the hearts of enthusiasts.

"Rotax's investment in time and resources makes the RMCGF the best-organised global finals,” said Birel ART's President Ronni Sala. "I find that the qualification system to select the best drivers in each country is a very good thing which offers true representativeness and stimulates national markets. Only Rotax is able to set up such an organisation covering the whole planet, as the 59 nations represented in Portugal have shown this year. It is always a great opportunity to make good contacts and develop our distribution network.

Today, the most important categories in the world of karting are the one-make formulae. Competition is currently very intense in this market, but Rotax is a big brand that is determined to be at the front of the pack. The 125 Max engine, always very well placed in terms of ease and cost of use, can attract many newcomers to karting.

The Birel ART chassis are popular around the world and the feedback from the drivers who used them at Portimao was very positive. Those who were used to driving other brands were very appreciative and gave us some very interesting information to evaluate our products.
Birel ART is particularly well placed in the DD2 market where chassis of the S8-B generation have been very well appreciated, suggesting an even stronger penetration for the new S9s whose homologation will be effective in 2018. I want to emphasise that DD2 is a category that deserves greater popularity with the competitors due to its originality and the feeling that it gives to its users. Birel ART also has development goals in other Rotax categories - Micro / Mini, Junior and Senior in all markets."


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