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Birel ART starts their heats day with a P3 with Coluccio in OK -
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Birel ART 2018 Seminar: attractive new perspectives for specialists

The Birel ART Group gathered twenty-four of its most important official distributors at its Lissone site (ITA) for two days at the beginning of November. The warm atmosphere, proved conducive to fruitful exchanges between professionals, after the broad overview from the Birel ART management. The first step was to take stock of the past three years before presenting the overall strategy for the next three, with regard to the marketing of the Birel ART, Ricciardo Kart and Robert Kubica (RK) brands.

The competition sector has been considered at the international level for the CIK-FIA events, but also within each country, in the national championships and the brand cups. Taking into account the specific situations and needs of each nation was a priority.

The central point of this great meeting, the presentation of the Birel ART Rental range, echoed the very strong trend towards leisure markets and importers. In addition to the well established internal combustion range, electric power aroused curiosity and interest. The Birel ART Group's prospects will be articulated around major Rental projects based on the recognised knowledge of its Racing teams. Birel ART will soon create an international leisure series in which all Birel ART professionals will be involved as promoters of the events.

Finally, a three-year partnership with the Alpinestar brand has been finalised for the Birel ART, Ricciardo Kart and Robert Kubica (RK) racing teams.

"I am very pleased with the Birel ART Group's relationship with its distribution network," confided Ronni Sala, President of Birel ART. "We are fortunate to be able to collaborate with competent and dynamic professionals who are in perfect harmony with our different strategies. Several very interesting ideas were developed during our exchanges, thanks to our collective motivation. We all expect very good results from the targets we have defined."

Present during the two days, as founder of All Road Management and major shareholder of Birel ART, Nicolas Todt had the opportunity to converse with each of the distributors in attendance. "It was very important for me to interact with those who accompany Birel ART's sporting and commercial success around the world. I was also able to explain my vision of the future of the company and its indispensable link with motorsport as part of real continuity for the drivers. We are investing in the long term for the development of the Birel ART Group. The leisure karting activity is one of the aspects, in addition to the racing that is written in our genes. The detection of young talents and their support for the motorsport of tomorrow is also one of our priorities. We have set very specific goals for the next years in these different areas."

To download the press release in English click here: Birel ART 2018 Seminar: attractive new perspectives for specialists

Per scaricare il comunicato in italiano clicca qui: Birel ART: Seminario Birel ART 2018: nuove prospettive allettanti per i professionisti

Pour télécharger le communiqué de presse en version française, cliquez ici: Séminaire Birel ART 2018 : nouvelles perspectives attractives pour les professionnels