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Birel ART
Your dose of Monday motivation 🤜🤛 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
Congrats to Alessandro Buran of Renda Motorsport on winning the Rok Cup Superfinal in the Shifter Rok class and to…
Birel ART
Soldering stations working at full capacity 💪
Birel ART
The secret to making it through the week is to get off to a good start! 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
Too much send? 😬 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
Off the throttle for a while... 📸 LRN Photo
Birel ART
It's a wrap for the World Championship! After showing impressive pace all weekend and in all conditions our packag…
Birel ART
Heading into today's finals with Marijn Kremers starting from pole in KZ and Giuseppe Palomba and Leonardo Marsegli…
Birel ART
FINALS DAY! ⏰ 13:15 KZ2 ⏰ 15:20 KZ 📸 LRN Photo

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