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Birel ART Uruguay achieved an excellent third place finish with Gaston Irazu in the second round of Argentina Rotax…
Birel ART
Not the warmest race of the year at Lonato, but a promising #WinterCup for #RedArmy -starting with the top 5 in Jun…
Birel ART
Birel ART with Francesco Pizzi closed a competitive Winter Cup in the top five -
Birel ART
Sunday Heats update (cold and wet conditions): #KZ2 Alexander Dahlberg came back to 14th from 20th due to a not fa…
Birel ART
A victory and several top finishes for Birel ART Racing in the first Saturday’s heats -
Birel ART
RT @DarshanChokhani: Birel ART India continues to shape up careers of the young drivers in the country. The team manager looks back on the…
Birel ART
RT @All_Road: .@caio_collet won the prestigious Volant Winfield and a complete French F4 Championship season after an outstanding performan…
Birel ART
Friday Heats: Birel ART Racing took a dominant victory in KZ2 and a convincing top 2 finish in Junior -…


As much as any living creature on Earth has its very own DNA, any racing team has its own,  being the result of the mixture of its history, its people, the defeats it faced and the successes it enjoyed...
Birel ART is the result of the evolution of the DNA of two historical companies in the motorsport world: Birel and ART Grand Prix.
Both Birel and ART Grand Prix shared common tastes for performance, for perfection and for success. But that’s no surprise for two racing teams having such rich pedigrees. 
What the merger of Birel and ART Grand Prix created is a brand new training ground for talented young drivers willing to step-up to the top of the motorsport ladder.
Bringing ART Grand Prix high level of competitiveness up to the top of the racing pyramid to Birel’s tradition and know-how in go-kart provide the whole Birel ART project with new paths for innovations having for aim to be faster, more efficient, closer to perfection and always ahead.
Whether for our chassis, dealers, drivers, and above all, our clients. All over the world. 
That’s our DNA.
That’s why we are racing.
We are Birel ART.